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How Do Compression Socks Work

How Do Compression Socks Work

Use of compression socks whether by athletes, those compelled by medical reasons or generally anyone in fitness circles, is on the rise. They were initially used to help people with vein and blood flow problems in their lower body. Their popularity, especially among runners, has gained attention all across the world. They are said to increase blood circulation in the body and prevent injuries among other advantages. Compression socks have to be of the proper size for them to achieve their intended aim.

What sets compression stockings apart is that they are elastically stronger than other kinds of socks. They are also worn to cover the entire leg. Due to their elastic nature, they exert greater pressure on the legs. They compress all the blood vessels and muscles in the lower limbs causing blood to flow faster in the targeted area. This raises the blood pressure in veins and arteries causing more blood to reach the heart and less blood to stagnate in the legs. For athletes, it makes the calf muscles pump blood more efficiently.

When used for their primordial purpose, they are used to treat chronic vein and artery diseases. Their socks are worn throughout by patients to enable them to move better. They assist in the oxygenation of veins in the blood. It prevents blood pooling in the legs to worsen into blood clotting by increasing the speed of blood flow to and fro the heart. They also help prevent muscle cramping in the legs of patients.

Because of the tightness of compression stockings and the resulting increase in blood flow throughout the lower body, more oxygen is delivered to surrounding muscles. This helps reduce the buildup of lactic acid in the muscle tissues. Hence, it reduces fatigue during exercise sessions leading to more endurance. This enables athletes to take on a larger workload. The tight feel of compression socks helps an athlete have more support in their body movements. A supported frame leads to quicker reactions. In this regard, they are performance enhancing and can, therefore, be called performance compression socks.

Wearing compression socks increases the amount and speed of blood flow to muscle tissues. Blood contains nutrients that muscles are quickly depleting. Compression socks, therefore, lead to better nutrient delivery to muscle tissues in the legs. By replacing lost nutrients faster, an athlete can recover sooner. Due to this function they can appropriately be called recovery compression socks.

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