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12 Hours On Your Feet – Compression Socks for Nurses

In nursing, the hours are long, and the work is arduous.  It is a big stress on your body and your mind. When you decided to be a nurse, you knew it came with long hours standing and an endless journey on your feet. Even so, you couldn’t anticipate all aches and discomfort that you would soon experience.  You found yourself literally aching to lay down and raise your legs up on your couch.  Something is lacking in your nursing apparel, that can eliminate this unnecessary discomfort: Nursing Compression Socks

Why hadn’t anyone told you about these lifesavers in nursing school?  Think about it, as a nurse, you would recommend compression apparel for post-operative patients as a means to prevent blood clots and promote circulation. But you may not have realized that the same solutions that helped patients in their recovery process, could help you better care for your own legs.  Beside your amazing personality and critical care skills, your legs are and will continue to be your biggest asset as a nurse.  So it’s critical to protect them!  

Compression Socks For Nurses - Why every nurse should have them!

Compression Socks Reduce Soreness

Reduce Soreness, Flush Toxins, Remove Lactic Acid - Elevated oxygen levels enhance circulation for faster recovery.  This helps flush toxins and remove the lactic acid from building up in the muscles, preventing soreness.

Compression Socks Reduce Leg Swelling

After working a 12-hour day, swollen legs and feet are almost guaranteed. You may be able to prop your feet up, but that will only accomplish temporary relief.  Once your feet are back on the ground, the discomfort will quickly return.  Compression Socks have been proven to reduce swelling.

Compression Socks Reduce Fatigue

Rejuvenate yourself and find that pep in your step.  Compression Socks reduce fatigue, with targeted, calf, arch and ankle stabilization technology, with lightly padded blister support.

Try ABD Athlete - Elite Pro Trainer XSO2 Compression Socks On Your Next Shift

Your legs work hard every day and don’t get the level of respect they deserve. What are you doing to give your legs (and yourself) some love?  Compression socks give your legs tight hugs all shift long and can help keep your legs looking and feeling fantastic.  Once you try compression socks for the first time, you will never walk another shift without them.

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