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What are Frequency Socks?

Frequency Socks are powered by MBEDDED SCIENCES LLC's Bio Active Frequency Wave Technology. This is a proprietary mixture of sub-harmonic bio frequencies and bio-active energy fields. These sub-harmonic frequencies and energy fields are infused into the yarns and copper of the socks over a period of time. The frequencies are stored into the materials of the apparel. The natural copper and fabrics hold the frequency energy and help allow the materials to have a greater cellular effect on the body.

How it Works

Upon wearing the compression technology, the human body will start broadcasting the embedded frequencies via “sympathetic nerve resonance”. Cellular health will start to become balanced. Essentially, the bio active products emit specific bio-messaging triggers, which resonate at a designated combination of frequency wave lengths. The frequencies and energy fields interact with the Central Nervous System at the speed of light for amazing results to the human body. The charged compression products are designed to interact, deliver bursts of energy and to assist the human body in balancing cellular communication for improved cellular health, immune system, greater athletic performance and much more.

The Vibrating Human Body

See the chart below to help get a better understanding of the frequency at which your body, its’ organs and disease vibrate.

  • Genius Brain Frequency 80-82 MHz
  • Brain Frequency Range 72-90 MHz
  • Normal Brain Frequency 72 MHz
  • Human Body 62-78 MHz
  • Human Body: from Neck up 72-78 MHz
  • Human Body: from Neck down 60-68 MHz
  • Thyroid and Parathyroid glands are 62-68 MHz
  • Thymus Gland is 65-68 MHz
  • Heart is 67-70 MHz
  • Lungs are 58-65 MHz
  • Liver is 55-60 MHz
  • Pancreas is 60-80 MHz
  • Colds and Flu start at: 57-60 MHz
  • Disease starts at: 58 MHz
  • Candida overgrowth starts at: 55 MHz
  • Receptive to Epstein Barr at: 52 MHz
  • Receptive to Cancer at: 42 MHz
  • Death begins at: 25 MHz


The Big Why?

ALL physical matter is vibrating at its own vibrational frequency. Our body’s natural ability to use external and internal environments to generate energy is the key to life and health. Since EVERYTHING in the human body relies on electrical signals, any breakdown in your body’s electrical energy system is a real problem and eventually leads to disease or death. Mbedded Sciences bio-active technology stored in its' products are designed to increase the human body’s resonant frequency over a period of time. The more consistent you are wearing the technology the quicker and more sustained your body's own frequency rate will rise. 


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